Table 1 Dissimilarity distance matrix pairwise comparisons of Massospondylus carinatus embryo terminals using the “Gower” method. Specimens in bold represent the shortest distance between Massospondylus carinatus embryos and the extant taxon in question.

From: Conserved in-ovo cranial ossification sequences of extant saurians allow estimation of embryonic dinosaur developmental stages

 Massospondylus carinatus Massospondylus cariatus
Crocodylus niloticus 18 days0,679Centrochelys sulcata 40 days0,361
Crocodylus niloticus 33 days0,595Centrochelys sulcata 45 days0,333
Crocodylus niloticus 39 days0,274Centrochelys sulcata 50 days0,222
Crocodylus niloticus 41 days0,202Centrochelys sulcata 55 days0,153
Crocodylus niloticus 45 days0,214Centrochelys sulcata 61 days0,125
Crocodylus niloticus 48 days0,131Centrochelys sulcata 70 days0,194
Crocodylus niloticus 55 days0,214Centrochelys sulcata 75 days0,222
Crocodylus niloticus 63 days0,262Centrochelys sulcata 80 days0,306
Crocodylus niloticus 67 days0,321  
Gallus gallus 11 days0,240Pogona vitticeps 15 days0,705
Gallus gallus 12 days0,173Pogona vitticeps 18 days0,679
Gallus gallus 13 days0,187Pogona vitticeps 24 days0,538
Gallus gallus 14 days0,160Pogona vitticeps 28 days0,346
Gallus gallus 15 days0,227Pogona vitticeps 32 days0,282
Gallus gallus 16 days0,240Pogona vitticeps 36 days0,269
Gallus gallus 17 days0,253Pogona vitticeps 48 days0,205
Gallus gallus18 days0,267Pogona vitticeps 60 days0,269
Gallus gallus 19 days0,307