Table 1 Capacity and Capacity Factors of wind energy facilities in the contiguous continental US. Data from15. Credit the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA).

From: Cost of wind energy generation should include energy storage allowance

Nopower plantcapacity factorcapacity [MW]turbines
1Los Vientos IVNANANANA0.42200100 Vestas V110 2 MW
2Los Vientos IIINANANA0.360.38200100 Vestas V110 2 MW
3Los Vientos 1B0.300.320.280.300.3420284 Mitsubishi MWT 102 2.4 MW
4Los Vientos 1 A0.320.390.340.330.3820087 Siemens SWT 108 2.3 MW
5Alta Wind Energy Center I0.300.310.260.31NA150100 GE SLE 1.5 MW
6Alta Wind Energy Center II0. Vestas V90 3 MW
7Alta Wind Energy Center III0. Vestas V90 3 MW
8Alta Wind Energy Center IV0. Vestas V90 3 MW
9Alta Wind Energy Center V0. vestas V90 3 MW
10Mustang Hills (Alta Wind VI) Vestas V90 3 MW
11Pinyon Pine I (Alta Wind VII) vestas V90 3 MW
12Alta Wind VIII0. Vestas V90 3 MW
13Pinyon Pine II (Alta Wind IX) Vestas V90 3 MW
14Alta Wind XNA0.270.260.30NA13846 Vestas V90 3 MW
15Alta Wind XINA0.320.280.35NA9030 Vestas V90 3 MW
16Adair Wind energy facility0.340.320.310.32NA174.876 Siemens SWT-2.3-93
17Wind IX Adams CountyNANANA0.36NA154.364 turbines 2.4 MW
18Adams Wind energy facility0.340.350.340.33NA19.812 Alstom 1.65 MW Ecotecnia 86 *
19Adams Wind Generations LLC0.370.390.380.37NA19.812 Alstom 1.65 MW Ecotecnia 86
20Ainsworth Wind0.360.370.370.34NA59.436 Vestas V82/1650
21Allegheny Ridge Wind energy facility0. turbines 2 MW
22Anacacho Wind energy facility, LLC0.380.410.370.39NA100NA
23Biglow Canyon Wind energy facility0.300. Vestas v82 1.65 MW + 141 siemens SWT 93 2.3 MW
24Shiloh Wind Project 2 LLC0.330.310.310.30NA15075 REpower MM92 2 MW
25Rolling Hills Wind energy facility0.360.360.340.340.33443.9193 Siemens 2.3 MW
26EC&R Panther Creek Wind energy facility I0.390.420.350.39NA142.595 GE 77 1.5 MW
27EC&R Panther Creek Wind energy facility II0.380.410.350.37NA115.577 GE 77 1.5 MW
28EC&R Panther Creek Wind energy facility III0.370.390.330.35NA199.5133 GE 77 1.5 MW
29Pioneer Prairie Wind energy facility0.370.380.370.350.36300.3182 Vestas V82 1.65 MW
30Sherbino I Wind energy facility0.350.300.350.28NA15050 Vestas V90 3 MW
31Whispering Willow Wind energy facility0.360.350.370.36NA200121 turbines 1.65 MW
32Tucannon River Wind energy facilityNANA0.320.37NA266.8116 Siemens SWT 108 2.3 MW
33Tatanka Wind Power LLC0.390.450.380.410.33180NA
34Balko WindNANANA0.420.40299.7162 GE 87 1.85 MW
35Bent Tree Wind energy facility0.310.340.340.33NA201NA
36Bishop Hill 10.360.370.370.34NA200NA
37Bishop Hill II0.390.430.410.40NA8050 turbines: GE Energy 1.6–100
38Bison Wind I0.320.380.330.37NA8216 Siemens SWT-2.3-101 + 17 Siemens SWT-3.0-101
39Bison Wind II0.300.350.320.36NA10535 Siemens SWT-3.0-101
40Bison Wind III0.300.360.320.36NA10535 Siemens SWT-3.0-101
41Bison Wind IVNANA0.400.46NA20564 Siemens SWT-3.2-113
42Blackstone Wind energy facility II0.280.300.300.28NA200NA
43Buffalo Gap Wind energy facility I0.350.360.310.33NA120.667 Vestas V80 1.8 MW
44Buffalo Gap Wind energy facility II0.330.350.290.330.32232.5155 GE 1.5 MW
45Buffalo Gap Wind energy facility III0.330.340.280.31NA170.274 Siemens 2.3 MW
46Canadian Hills Wind0.420.420.360.430.40298.4562 Mitsubishi MWT 102 2.4 MW + 73 Senvion MM92 92 2.05 MW
47Caney River Wind Project0.420.420.390.400.42201NA
48Cedar BluffNANANA0.47NA199NA
49Chisholm View Wind0.400.430.380.400.50235NA
50Courtenay Wind energy facilityNANANANA0.44200NA
51Crossroads Wind energy facility0.440.460.400.390.41227NA
53Desert Wind energy facilityNANANANA0.26208NA
54Fenton Wind energy facility0.370.420.410.410.38206NA
56Grande PrairieNANANANA0.44400200 Vestas V110 2 MW
57Grand Ridge0.280.310.310.29NA210NA
58Great Western WindNANANANA0.43225NA
59Headwaters Wind energy facilityNANA0.370.38NA200NA
60Hereford 1NANA0.380.420.42200NA
61Horse Hollow Wind Energy Center0.230.360.300.330.31736291 GE 1.5 MW + 139 Siemens 2.3 MW
62Limon Wind I0.390.420.370.400.40200125 GE 100 1.6 MW
63Limon Wind II0.340.370.310.350.35200125 GE 100 1.6 MW
64Limon Wind IIINANA0.420.440.45205.7121 GE 100 1.7 MW