Table 1 Summary of the LCH appearance in the human vertebrae of the individuals from the Terry and Galler collections.

From: Suggested Case of Langerhans Cell Histiocytosis in a Cretaceous dinosaur

Pathologic appearanceTerry #129Galler 1328/55
Thoracic vertebra bodiesDestructive lesionsDestructive lesions
Neural archUnaffectedUnaffected
Anterior vertebral surfaceAreas of resorptionAreas of resorption
Posterior vertebral surfacePeriosteal reactionPeriosteal reaction
Thoracic vertebral endplatesPerforatedPerforated
Trabecula in the defected regionsErodedEroded
Shape of the lytic areasSphericalSpherical
Size of the lesionsUp to 25 mmUp to 20 mm