Table 2 Models of annual variation in survival of Raso larks (2004–2017, n = 732).

From: Survival of a long-lived single island endemic, the Raso lark Alauda razae, in relation to age, fluctuating population and rainfall

ModelNparDevianceΔAICRel. Dev.
sex * year303478.301
sex + year183507.54.720.816
sex + sex:PopSize + sex:Rain + sex:PopSize:Rain123532.617.60.657
sex + sex: PopSize + sex:Rain + PopSize:Rain113536.019.70.631
sex + PopSize + Rain + PopSize:Rain93553.532.50.525
sex + Rain + sex:Rain83594.671.50.265
sex + PopSize + sex:PopSize83611.793.30.128
sex + Rain73600.475.30.229
sex + PopSize73629.51040.045
  1. For each modelled set of covariates is given the number of parameters (Npar), the total deviance explained, AIC relative to the best model (ΔAIC), and the deviance relative to the full (ϕsex*year) and null (ϕsex) models (Rel. Dev.). Capitalised parameters are linear, those in lower-case factors (with 2, sex, or 13, year, levels). Models are listed in descending order of complexity and all include four re-encounter parameters (ptd*sex, see text).