Table 1 Maternal characteristics, overall and by ethnic group.

From: Population reference and healthy standard blood pressure range charts in pregnancy: findings from the Born in Bradford cohort study

 All (n = 9218)cWhite British (n = 3701)Pakistani (n = 4109)
NMedian (IQR) or %NMedian (IQR) or %NMedian (IQR) or %
Number of measuresa74,7708 (7, 9)30,8269 (8, 10)32,7008 (7, 9)
Pre-existing hypertension810.9451.2280.7
Pre-existing diabetes (type 1 & 2)
Gestational hypertension6587.139710.71814.4
Gestational diabetes7187.81704.643210.5
Preterm delivery4474.91834.91874.6
Large for gestational age3734.12326.3982.4
Small for gestational age235125.568218.4129331.5
Alcohol during pregnancy185920.2164044.3170.4
Smoked during pregnancy152616.6123833.51423.5
BMI < 18.5 or ≥25.0505554.8209956.7225654.9
Healthy pregnancyb179019.442611.51,03625.2
  1. aNumber of blood pressure measurements per woman following random selection of one measure per two week period of pregnancy.
  2. bHealthy pregnancies are defined as those without medical conditions (has pre-existing hypertension, has existing diabetes or developed gestational diabetes, developed pre-eclampsia) and adverse pregnancy outcomes (pre-term birth, small for gestational age or lagre for gestational age infant) and unhealthy lifestyle characteristics (smoking and drinking alcohol during pregnancy, unhealthy BMI).
  3. cComposed of the following ethnic groups: White British = 3701; Pakistani = 4109; Other ethnicity = 1408.