Table 3 Neuropsychological evaluation battery.

From: HIV-Negative Cryptococcal Meningoencephalitis Results in a Persistent Frontal-Subcortical Syndrome

Neuropsychological domainNeuropsychological testNormative data
PsychomotorGrooved PegboardEHRB
Information ProcessingTrail Making Part A
Symbol Digit Modalities Test
SDMT Western Psychological Services Norms
Executive FunctionTrail Making Part B
Wisconsin Card Sorting Test – Perseverative Responses
WCST Software Norms
LearningHopkins Verbal Learning Test – Revised, Total Recall
Brief Visual Memory Test – Revised, Total Recall
MemoryHopkins Verbal Learning Test – Revised, Delayed Recall
Brief Visual Memory Test – Revised, Delayed Recall
LanguageControlled Oral Word Association Test
Boston Naming Test
AttentionWechsler Memory Scale III – Digit SpanWAIS-III/WMS-III Writer Software Norms (Version 1.0)
VisuospatialWechsler Abbreviated Scale of Intelligence – Original/II Block DesignWASI Original/II Scoring Manual Norms
Average T-ScoreAverage of all above-listed scoresNot applicable
Premorbid Intellectual FunctioningWechsler Test of Adult Reading, Standard Score and Demographics-Predicted ScoreWTAR Scoring Manual Norms
Performance ValidityMedical Symptom Validity TestNot applicable
Mood SymptomsBeck Depression Inventory – II, Beck Anxiety InventoryNot applicable
  1. EHRB = Expanded Halstead-Reitan Battery Software Norms (Version 4.01), CNNS = Calibrated Neuropsychological Normative System Software Norms (Version 1.10).