Table 1 Clinical details of subjects participating in the study from family 1.

From: Genetic variations in olfactory receptor gene OR2AG2 in a large multigenerational family with asthma

Age (Mean Year ± SEM)50 ± 5.245.16 ± 6.6
Gender (M/F)(9/5)(3/3)
Weight (kg) (Mean ± SEM)67 ± 4.262.3 ± 7.4
No. of Smokers22
Mean FEV1(L)1.631.771.761.82
Mean FVC (L)2.232.342.012.19
Mean FEV1/FVC0.70.720.820.82
Mean zFEV1−3.74−3.55−3.41−3.12
% BDR_FEV17.903.40
% BDR_FVC4.938.95
  1. Pre/post BD: Pre/post bronchodilation, FEV1 : Forced expiratory volume in one second, FVC : Forced vital capacity, % BDR : Percent bronchodilator responsiveness. The spirometry data has been analysed using lung function equations for Indian population34.