Table 1 Comprehensive ranking of reference gene stability.

From: Reference gene screening of Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis and Batrachochytrium salamandrivorans for quantitative real-time PCR studies

D0 + D3 + D5rankGeNormRefFinderD0rankGeNormRefFinder
M valueGeomeanM valueGeomean
Bd1APRT (0.58)R6046 (1.86)Bd1Ctsyn1 (0.16)Ctsyn1 (1.50)
2TUB (0.58)APRT (2.63)2α-centractin (0.18)α-centractin (2.00)
3R6046 (0.65)TUB (2.66)3GAPDH (0.19)APRT (3.36)
4GAPDH (0.73)GAPDH (3.13)4APRT (0.29)R6046 (3.41)
5Ctsyn1 (0.78)Ctsyn1 (4.21)5R6046 (0.32)TUB (3.83)
6α-centractin (0.83)TEF1F (4.30)6TUB (0.37)GAPDH (4.61)
7TEF1F (0.90)α-centractin (5.73)7TEF1F (0.46)TEF1F (7.00)
Bsal1APRT (0.55)α-centractin (1.57)Bsal1GAPDH (0.27)α-centractin (1.86)
2Ctsyn1 (0.61)APRT (2.21)2α-centractin (0.28)R6046 (1.86)
3α-centractin (0.68)TUB (2.63)3R6046 (0.28)GAPDH (2.21)
4TUB (0.87)Ctsyn1 (3.16)4APRT (0.33)TUB (3.83)
5GAPDH (1.39)GAPDH (3.50)5TEF1F (0.39)APRT (3.94)
6R6046 (1.64)R6046 (6.00)6TUB (0.46)TEF1F (5.23)
7TEF1F (1.82)TEF1F (7.00)7Ctsyn1 (0.56)Ctsyn1 (7.00)
M valueGeomeanM valueGeomean
Bd1α-centractin (0.36)Ctsyn1 (1.32)Bd1APRT (0.30)TUB (2.24)
2Ctsyn1 (0.37)α-centractin (2.11)2TUB (0.33)R6046 (2.38)
3R6046 (0.42)TEF1F (3.46)3TEF1F (0.34)APRT (2.38)
4TEF1F (0.44)TUB (3.66)4R6046 (0.39)TEF1F (2.71)
5APRT (0.49)R6046 (4.12)5GAPDH (0.49)GAPDH (2.94)
6TUB (0.52)APRT (4.16)6Ctsyn1 (0.66)Ctsyn1 (6.00)
7GAPDH (0.57)GAPDH (7.00)7α-centractin (0.89)α-centractin (7.00)
Bsal1Ctsyn1 (0.22)TEF1F (2.00)Bsal1TUB (0.27)TUB (1.19)
2APRT (0.23)APRT (2.11)2α-centractin (0.30)α-centractin (1.57)
3α-centractin (0.24)Ctsyn1 (2.51)3APRT (0.32)APRT (2.71)
4TEF1F (0.43)α-centractin (2.71)4GAPDH (0.54)R6046 (4.47)
5TUB (0.56)TUB (3.50)5R6046 (0.61)GAPDH (5.14)
6GAPDH (0.75)GAPDH (6.00)6TEF1F (0.64)TEF1F (6.00)
7R6046 (0.95)R6046 (7.00)7Ctsyn1 (0.71)Ctsyn1 (6.09)
  1. GeNorm and RefFinder were used to determine reference gene stability in Bd and Bsal spores day 0 (D0) (n = 6), sporangia day 3 (D3) (n = 6), mature sporangia day 5 (D5) (n = 6) and a combination of all life stages (D0 + D3 + D5) (n = 18). Candidate genes were ranked from most stable (1) to least stable (7).