Table 1 Descriptive statistics for dataset.

From: Violence reduces attention to faces and draws attention to points of contact

Interaction typeAll ImagesImages with all three AOIs
Violence rating M (sd)Stimuli (n)Trials (n)Violence rating M (sd)Stimuli (n)Trials (n)
Friendly1.10 (0.39)2420781.07 (0.34)6523
Ambiguous1.87 (1.19)2420762.34 (1.35)2172
Violent4.13 (1.53)2420824.15 (1.44)5434
Total2.37 (1.72)7262362.45 (1.77)131129
  1. Mean violence rating, number of stimuli, and number of trials for each interaction type in both the full dataset and images with all three areas of interest.