Table 1 AMOVAs of mites populations at between and within host species levels using representative sequences (i.e., one sequence per OTU, and more than one OTU could be called into each infrapopulation) of mite infrapopulations. Statistically significant values are asterisked.

From: Persistence of single species of symbionts across multiple closely-related host species

 P. macedoP. motacillaeT. jedliczkai
d.f.Var. comp.% Var.Pd.f.Var. comp.% Var.Pd.f.Var. comp.% Var.P
Between hosts11.9326.67<0.001*21.6230.40<0.001*14.1648.53<0.001*
Within hosts5155.3273.32 6783.7169.59 10284.4151.46 
Total5167.25100.00 6805.33100.00 10298.57100.00