Table 2 Gene ontology (GO) biological process pathway enrichment analysis based on DE proteins from V1 to V2.

From: Identification of novel blood biomarkers of treatment response in cystic fibrosis pulmonary exacerbations by label-free quantitative proteomics

GO term IDTerm descriptionObserved gene countBackground gene countq-value
GO:0002673regulation of acute inflammatory response11922.51E-13
GO:0030449regulation of complement activation10522.51E-13
GO:0070613regulation of protein processing121162.51E-13
GO:2000257regulation of protein activation cascade10542.51E-13
GO:0072376protein activation cascade10741.28E-12
GO:0050727regulation of inflammatory response133382.60E-10
GO:0002252immune effector process189273.73E-10
GO:0006958complement activation, classical pathway7349.93E-10
GO:0032101regulation of response to external stimulus167321.28E-09
GO:0030162regulation of proteolysis167421.43E-09