Table 2 Maximum total cumulative annual distance (TCAD, in km) traveled by different terrestrial mammals, at or adjusted (denoted with*) to an 8-hr GPS fix rate. Samples sizes (n) for both the number of individuals and animal-years of data, respectively, are also reported.

From: Longest terrestrial migrations and movements around the world

Gray wolfSouthwest Mongolia72472, 32003–2005this study;72
KhulanSoutheast Mongolia61459, 182013–2015this study;51
Arctic fox*Northern Canada590312, 242008–200956
Gray wolfCentral Alaska563016, 312012–2018this study
Gray wolfEast-central Alaska51167, 72017–2018this study
KhulanSouthwest Mongolia50677, 72007–2010this study;52
CaribouSouth Slave Beverly/Ahiak486862, 1422006–2014this study
CaribouWestern Arctic Herd4488103, 2502009–2017this study
CaribouSahtu Bluenose East380747, 912005–2014this study
Mongolian gazelleEastern Mongolia34645, 92014–2017this study
Burchell’s zebraBotswana34561, 12007–200873,74
CaribouNorth Slave Bathurst Herd334128, 381996–2014this study
Bactrian camel*Southwest Mongolia28211, 12007–2008this study;75
Blue wildebeest*Serengeti28199, 132013–2015this study;76
Plains zebra*Serengeti23566, 62007–2008this study;76
Gray wolfAlberta21552, 22002–2004this study;77
Mongolian gazelle*Southern Mongolia20804, 42002–200366
PronghornAlberta/Saskatchewan194138, 382006–2007this study
PronghornMontana/Saskatchewan179758, 582009–2010this study
Brown bearNorth-central Alaska132530, 562014–2016this study
ElkAlberta12004, 42003–2004this study;78
CaribouLittle Smoky Herd113136, 491999–2016this study;79
MooseAlberta/British Columbia7702, 22009–2010this study;80
MooseNorth-central Alaska75428, 282008–2012this study;28