Table 2 Summary table of raw data characteristics.

From: Vulnerability indicators for natural hazards: an innovative selection and weighting approach

  Code Data Type Source Uncertainty (low/medium/high)
General information A Area Numeric GIS buildings shapefile Low
H Height Numeric Field survey Low
I Intensity (Height of water and debris) Numeric Assessed from damage photos High
D Damage (€) Numeric Authorities/municipality Low
Vulnerability Indicators WV Water Vulnerability (No of inundated stories/no of total stories) Numeric Calculation from intensity and number of floors Medium
MAT Material Categorical Field survey Low
FLO Number of floors Numeric Field survey Low
RAI Raised 1st floor Binary Field survey Low
MAI Maintenance status Categorical Field survey High
WALL Wall thickness Numeric Field survey Medium
ORI Orientation Categorical Assessed from orthophoto Low
GEOM Geometry Categorical Assessed from orthophoto Low
PROP Protruding parts Binary Field survey Low
AUX Auxiliary buildings Binary Field survey Low
LOC_OP Location of openings Categorical Field survey Low
H_OP Height of openings Numeric Field survey Low
Q_OP Quality of openings Categorical Field survey High (expert judgment)
BAS Existence of basement Binary Field survey Medium (sometimes the surveyor has to assume that there is or there is no basement)
BAS_OP Basement openings Binary Field survey Low
DIS Distance between buildings Categorical Field survey Medium (it depends on the judgement of the surveyor)
GR Steepness of the ground Categorical Field survey Medium (it depends on the judgement of the surveyor)
SUR_Wh Height of surrounding wall in relation to the expected debris/water height Categorical Field survey High
SUR_Wm Material of surrounding wall Categorical Field survey Medium (different types of walls and combination of materials uncertainty related to how they react to the impact)
SUR_B Natural or artificial embankment/protection Binary Field survey Low
SUR_V Surrounding vegetation Categorical Field survey/Orthophoto Low
ROW Row of buildings towards the flow Numeric Assessed from orthophoto Low
Ex Exposure Numeric Calculated from intensity High