Table 3 Calculated binding energy for 1s core electrons of Nitrogen defects in bilayer graphene, two defective layers combined, AB stacked.

From: Characterization of nitrogen doped graphene bilayers synthesized by fast, low temperature microwave plasma-enhanced chemical vapour deposition

DefectClipped?PositionN ECLS1s (eV)
Trim. pyri. + SVnoPyri. N4.5
yesPyri. N*2.3
Pyri. N4.4
Trim. pyrr. + SVnoPyrr. N5.3
Pyri. N4.9
yesPyrr. N*2.2
Pyri. N4.5
Trim. pyrr. + subst.noSubst. N1.4
Pyrr. N5.2
Pyri. N4.9
  1. *Indicates the atom which forms an interlayer bond.