Table 1 Summary of infrared blow detections with ranges greater than 0.5 km and less than or equal to 2.1 km.

From: Migrating eastern North Pacific gray whale call and blow rates estimated from acoustic recordings, infrared camera video, and visual sightings

Date Detected Blows Corrected Blows Median Whales Whales Within Range Blow Rate (Blows/Whale/Hour) Uncertainty Bounds (Blows/Whale/Hour)
05 Jan 2015 435 442 544 290 53.5 37.3–71.5
06 Jan 2015 291 294 423 225 45.7 25.5–58.1
07 Jan 2015 407 413 484 258 56.0 36.5–74.9
08 Jan 2015 294 298 502 268 39.1 27.7–49.9
  1. Detected Blows are the total number of whale blows manually detected and Corrected Blows increases the number detected by the fraction of the day with no infrared video assuming 100% probability of detection in this interval of ranges. Median Whales are the modelled median number of whales estimated to migrate south past Granite Canyon from visual sightings. Whales Within Range are the estimated number of those whales that are travelling within 0.5 to 2.1 km from shore based on the offshore distribution from visual sightings. Blow Rate is calculated by dividing the corrected number of blows by the number of whales within the IR camera search area and by the average amount of time it takes for a whale to travel through that search area. Uncertainty Bounds show the blow rates based on the 95% Credibility Interval of daily gray whale abundance estimates.