Table 1 Eligibility criteria, The Regular Exercise and Asthma Control Trial (REACT).

From: Regular exercise improves asthma control in adults: A randomized controlled trial

Inclusion criteria
Age range from 16 to 65 years
Diagnosis of asthma made by a physician and/or the reimbursement right for asthma medication from the Finnish National Social Insurance Institution (i.e. code 203)
In the case of newly diagnosed asthma, he/she had to fulfil the diagnostic criteria for asthma as outlined in the Finnish Guidelines for Asthma Management (a)
Mild or moderate asthma.
Exclusion criteria
Exclusion criteria for severe asthma at baseline included: (1) FEV1 < 60% of predicted in spirometry; (2) PEF variability >30% at least 2 times during an 1-week monitoring period; (3) use of short-acting bronchodilating medication at least four times daily; and/or (4) permanent daily oral steroid treatment.
The following chronic diseases: serious coronary heart disease, severe hypertension, severe heart failure, severe musculoskeletal disorder, dementia, and/or physician diagnosed chronic obstructive lung disease.
Exercising regularly at baseline (before the intervention) at least three times per week
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