Table 3 Characteristics, dosage and indications of therapeutic antibodies targeting PD-1 and PD-L1.

From: Therapeutic PD-L1 antibodies are more effective than PD-1 antibodies in blocking PD-1/PD-L1 signaling

Target Name Isotype Serum half lifea Indication Dosage Weekly dosageb
PD-1 Nivolumab (Opdivo®) human IgG4κ 26.7 d melanoma, NSCLC, renal cancer, Hodgkin lymphoma, head and neck cancer, urothelial carcinoma 3 mg/kg e.o.w.c 1.5 mg/kg
Pembrolizumab (Keytruda®) humanized IgG4κ 25.8 d melanoma, NSCLC, Hodgkin lymphoma, urothelial carcinoma 2 mg/kg every 3 w.d 0.67 mg/kg
PD-L1 Atezolizumab (Tecentriq®) humanized IgG1κ 27 d urothelial carcinoma, NSCLC 1200 mg every 3 w. 5.0 mg/kg
Avelumab (Bavencio®) human IgG1λ 6 d Merkel cell carcinoma 10 mg/kg e.o.w. 5.0 mg/kg
Durvalumab (Imfinzi®) human IgG1κ 17 d urothelial carcinoma, NSCLC 10 mg/kg e.o.w. 5.0 mg/kg
  1. aBased on data submitted to the FDA.
  2. bBased on an 80 kg body weight.
  3. cRecently approved fixed dose: 240 mg e.o.w or 480 mg every 4 weeks.
  4. dRecently approved fixed dose: 200 mg every 3 weeks.
  5. abbreviations: e.o.w., every other week; w., weeks; d, days.