Table 2 Description of the four proteins related to the prevalent Herpesvirales viral domain orthologous groups (VDOGs).

From: Defining a Core Genome for the Herpesvirales and Exploring their Evolutionary Relationship with the Caudovirales

Protein VDOG(s) Function Group in McGeoch et al.11
DNA terminase, ATPase subunit 105 Cleavage of concatemeric DNA during DNA packaging14. Processing and packaging of DNA.
Ribonucleotide reductase 53 (alpha subunit); 821 (beta subunit) Catalysis of the synthesis of deoxyribonucleotides from ribonucleotides39,46. Enzymes peripheral to DNA replication.
DNA polymerase 72 DNA synthesis. Can cleave DNA-RNA and DNA-DNA heteroduplexes47. DNA replication machinery.
dUTP-diphosphatase 731 Control of the ratio of dUTP to dTTP, to prevent the first from being incorporated to the DNA48. Enzymes peripheral to DNA replication.
  1. Also shown is the protein name, VDOG id, function of the protein, and its classification under the categories defined by McGeogh et al.11.