Table 1 Select non-synonymous mutations in resistant cells discovered by RNA sequencing.

From: Heterozygous mutations in valosin-containing protein (VCP) and resistance to VCP inhibitors

Gene Reference Substitution Zygosity
VCP E470 K Heterozygous
VCP E470 D Heterozygous
FLNA R484 W Heterozygous
UQCR10 S8 L Heterozygous
MCM7 A241 S Heterozygous
APBB2 T131 S Homozygous
TNKS1BP1 P602 H Heterozygous
ADAM10 I385 F Heterozygous
SLC16A3 D260 A Heterozygous
TRAK1 N857 S Heterozygous
ATG4B V364 D Heterozygous