Table 2 Genetic distances (FST) between the Ecuadorian population (Amazonia, the Highlands, and the Coast) and the reference population (Africa, Europe and Native America) (lower diagonal) and P values (upper diagonal).

From: The three-hybrid genetic composition of an Ecuadorian population using AIMs-InDels compared with autosomes, mitochondrial DNA and Y chromosome data

   Amazonia Highland Coast Africa Europe Native America
Ecuador Amazonia 0.0201 <5e-05 <5e-05 <5e-05 <5e-05
Highland 0.00279 <5e-05 <5e-05 <5e-05 <5e-05
Coast 0.01220 0.00666 <5e-05 <5e-05 <5e-05
Reference Africa 0.35975 0.34842 0.28422 <5e-05 <5e-05
Europe 0.16233 0.15013 0.11830 0.36515 <5e-05
Native America 0.05140 0.05218 0.07399 0.44273 0.29768