Table 1 Genetic markers, populations and references used in the review of origin of Ecuadorians.

From: The three-hybrid genetic composition of an Ecuadorian population using AIMs-InDels compared with autosomes, mitochondrial DNA and Y chromosome data

Genetic markers used Population under study Total number of populations Reference
Mitochondrial DNA Waoranis 36 10
Mitochondrial DNA Kichwas and Mestizos 107 11
Mitochondrial DNA Cayapas 204 12
Y- STRs Mestizos 415 13
Autosomal AIMs Mestizo, Kichwas, Afro-Ecuadorians 162 14
Autosomal AIMs-InDels Mestizos 171 15
Autosomal SNPs Kichwas and Mestizos 119 16
Autosomal SNPs Mestizos 19 17
Autosomal SNPs Mestizos 6 18