Table 2 GBSS analysis of MVF in early- and late-RRMS patients compared to healthy controls and in late RRMS compared to early RRMS.

From: Gray Matter Alterations in Early and Late Relapsing-Remitting Multiple Sclerosis Evaluated with Synthetic Quantitative Magnetic Resonance Imaging

Significant areas Number of significant voxels Peak p-FWE Peak MNI Coordinates
Healthy control vs. Early RRMS 0.03 29 44 33
Frontal Lt-Medial Orbito Frontal; Lt-Superior Frontal 21     
Parietal Rt-Pre-cuneus 15     
Occipital Rt-Lingual 2     
Limbic and Para-limbic Lt-Caudal Anterior, Rostral Anterior Cingulate; Rt-Isthmus Cingulate; Lt-Insula; Lt-Rt-Hippocampus 103     
Deep GM Rt-Thalamus, Rt-Caudate 5     
Healthy control vs. Late RRMS 0.0002 29 59 12
Frontal Lt-Rt-Caudal Middle, Lateral Orbito, Medial Orbito, Rostral Middle, Superior Frontal; Lt-Rt-Frontal Pole; Lt-Rt-Paracentral; Lt-Rt-Pars Opercularis; Lt-Rt-Pars Orbitalis; Lt-Rt-Pars Triangularis; Lt-Rt-Precentral 1013     
Temporal Lt-Rt-Bankssts; Lt-Rt-Entorhinal; Lt-Rt-Fusiform; Lt-Rt-Inferior, Middle, Superior, Transverse Temporal; Lt-Rt-Temporal Pole 974     
Parietal Lt-Rt-Inferior Parietal; Lt-Superior Parietal; Lt-Rt-Post Central; Lt-Rt-Precuneus; Lt-Rt-Supramarginal 423     
Occipital Lt-Cuneus; Lt-Rt-Lateral Occipital; Lt-Rt-Lingual; Lt-Rt-Pericalcarine 471     
Limbic and Para-limbic Lt-Rt-Isthmus, Posterior, Rostral Anterior cingulate; Rt-Caudal Anterior Cingulate; Lt-Rt-Parahippocampal; Lt-Rt-Hippocampus; Lt-Rt-Insula; Lt-Rt-Amygdala; Lt-Rt-Accumbens 1499     
Deep GM Lt-Rt-Thalamus, Lt-Rt-Caudate, Lt-Rt-Putamen 189     
Early vs. Late RRMS 0.003 33 40 26
Frontal Lt-Paracentral; Rt-Precentral; Lt-Superior Frontal; Rt-Lateral Orbito Frontal 24     
Temporal Lt-Rt-Entorhinal; Lt-Rt-Fusiform; Lt-Rt-Inferior, Middle, Transverse Temporal; Lt-Superior temporal; Lt-Rt-Temporal Pole; 333     
Parietal Lt-Rt-Inferior Parietal; Rt-Superior Parietal; Lt-Rt-Precuneus; Lt-Rt-Supramarginal 139     
Occipital Lt-Cuneus; Lt-Rt-Lateral Occipital; Lt-Rt-Lingual; Lt-Rt-Pericalcarine 143     
Limbic and Para-limbic Lt-Rt-Isthmus Cingulate; Lt-Posterior Cingulate; Lt-Rt-Parahippocampal; Lt-Rt-Hippocampus; Lt-Rt-Insula; Lt-Rt-Amygdala; Rt-Accumbens 695     
Deep GM Lt-Rt-Thalamus; Lt-Putamen; Rt-Caudate 90     
  1. Lt, left; Rt, right; Bankssts, banks of superior temporal sulcus; GM, gray matter; GBSS, gray-matter–based spatial statistics; p-FWE, family-wise error-corrected p-value; MVF, myelin volume fraction; RRMS, relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis. Note: Only regions with a significantly decreased MVF are included.