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Author Correction: Exquisitely-preserved, high-definition skin traces in diminutive theropod tracks from the Cretaceous of Korea

The Original Article was published on 14 February 2019

Correction to: Scientific Reports, published online 14 February 2019

This Article contains an error in the Figure legends of Figures 2 and 3 which have been inadvertently reversed.

The correct legend for Figure 2 is:

“(A) Map of specimens CUE JJ_M01-3 showing four-track Minisauripus trackway, and additional isolated fifth track on small unconnected slab. Map based on counterpart cast of track-bearing surface. Red outline shows part of surface preserved as natural impressions. Pterosaur manus tracks, desiccation cracks (stippled areas), raindrop impressions and invertebrate traces also shown. Compare with Fig. 2 and text for details. (B) Shows microstratigraphy of part and counterpart of track-bearing slab. (C) Shows four track-trackway with dashed line to highlight steps and pace angulations. See Table 1 for measurements. Map made by M. G. Lockley and K-S Kim with layout created in Canvas X (version, 2017 Build 160,”

The correct legend for Figure 3 is:

“(A) Counterpart slab CUE JJ_M01 showing trackway with four consecutive Minisauripus track casts TL1-TR2. (B) Natural impression slab (CUE JJ_M02) showing tracks TL2 and TR2. (C) Isolated track specimen (CUE JJ_M03). Compare with Fig. 3. Photographs by K-S Kim and layout created in Canvas X (version, 2017 Build 160,”

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Correspondence to Martin G. Lockley.

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Kim, K.S., Lockley, M.G., Lim, J.D. et al. Author Correction: Exquisitely-preserved, high-definition skin traces in diminutive theropod tracks from the Cretaceous of Korea. Sci Rep 9, 8289 (2019).

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