Table 1 Identified Raman peaks that are altered due to global DNA methylation in mESCs and human colon cancer cells.

From: Non-invasive detection of DNA methylation states in carcinoma and pluripotent stem cells using Raman microspectroscopy and imaging

Raman Shift (cm−1) Assignment ↑↓ relative Raman intensity for high-methylated cells
786 5-Methylcytosine52, Cytosine, Thymine, Phosphate backbone of DNA/RNA39,47,48,49
815–830 Phosphate backbone of DNA/RNA54
1257 Cytosine, Adenine38,41
1317–1323 Guanine41,47
1335 CH2CH3 wagging37
1342 Guanine47
1379/1386 CH339,53
1579 Pyrimidine ring39
1605–1610 Cytosine41
1662 DNA58,59