Author Correction: Relativistic Doppler-boosted γ-rays in High Fields

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Correction to: Scientific Reports, published online 14 June 2018

This Article contains an error in Equation 3.

$$\Theta =\arctan (\sqrt{\frac{1-{\langle \beta \rangle }_{{t}_{{\rm{break}}}}^{2}}{{\langle \beta \rangle }_{{t}_{{\rm{break}}}}}})\simeq {\langle |{\theta }_{\gamma }|\rangle }_{t\ge {t}_{{\rm{break}}}}$$

should read:

$$\Theta =\arctan (\frac{\sqrt{1-{\langle \beta \rangle }_{{t}_{{\rm{break}}}}^{2}}}{{\langle \beta \rangle }_{{t}_{{\rm{break}}}}})\simeq {\langle |{\theta }_{\gamma }|\rangle }_{t\ge {t}_{{\rm{break}}}}$$

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Correspondence to Remi Capdessus or Paul McKenna.

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