Table 2 Output of forward variable selection procedure based on the information criteria BIC showing the log-likelihood, log 𝓛, BIC and βˆ†BIC values for the baseline model without any covariates and for models with increasingly many covariates included.

From: Classifying grey seal behaviour in relation to environmental variability and commercial fishing activity - a multivariate hidden Markov model

Model Log-likelihood BIC βˆ†BIC
Baseline βˆ’ 626423.4 1253221.7 1324
+bathymetry βˆ’625756.9 1251951.1 53.4
+seabed slope βˆ’625699.0 1251897.8 0.1
+sea surface temperature βˆ’625667.7 1251897.7 0
+sex βˆ’625639.4 1251903.6 5.9
  1. The best model is indicated in bold.