Table 3 Sample and herd codes for FMD isolates generated from 2012 sampling in Cameroon.

From: The evolution and phylodynamics of serotype A and SAT2 foot-and-mouth disease viruses in endemic regions of Africa

Animal ID Serotype WRL ID Herd ID Division Clinical Case Accession
MBU21401 A A/CAR/58/2012 MBU214 Menchum Yes KX266277
MBU21403 A A/CAR/60/2012 MBU214 Menchum Yes KX266278
MBU21404 A A/CAR/61/2012 MBU214 Menchum Yes KX266279
MMC20703 A A/CAR/34/2012 MMC207 Momo No KX266275
MTA20901 A A/CAR/37/2012 MTA209 Mezam No NA
MTA20902 A A/CAR/38/2012 MTA209 Mezam No KX266276
MWU21501 A A/CAR/63/2012 MWU215 Menchum Yes KX266280
MWU21605 A A/CAR/72/2012 MWU216 Menchum Yes KX266282
MWU21603 A A/CAR/70/2012 MWU216 Menchum Yes KX266281
DNL20603 SAT2 SAT2/CAR/24/2012 DNL206 Djerem Yes KX266290
VNA20101 SAT2 SAT2/CAR/1/2012 VNA201 Vina Yes KX266283
VNA20102 SAT2 SAT2/CAR/2/2012 VNA201 Vina Yes KX266284
VNA20103 SAT2 SAT2/CAR/3/2012 VNA201 Vina Yes KX266285
VNA20104 SAT2 SAT2/CAR/4/2012 VNA201 Vina Yes KX266286
VNA20205 SAT2 SAT2/CAR/10/2012 VNA202 Vina Yes KX266289
VNA20203 SAT2 SAT2/CAR/8/2012 VNA202 Vina Yes KX266287
VNA20204 SAT2 SAT2/CAR/9/2012 VNA202 Vina Yes KX266288
VNG21801 SAT2 SAT2/CAR/78/2012 VNG218 Vina Yes KX266291