Table 2 Sites under directional selection by clade. Type of selection is indicated CE: Convergent evolution, SS: Selective Sweeps, FD: Frequency Dependeny selection.

From: The evolution and phylodynamics of serotype A and SAT2 foot-and-mouth disease viruses in endemic regions of Africa

Clade #Dir Antigenic Region 1 Antigenic Region 2 Other
SAT2-I 2 142(CE) 86(CE)
SAT2-IV 2 201(SS), 202(SS)
SAT2-VII 2 202(SS) 56(SS)
A-I 0
A-VII 1 149(CE)
A-IV 7 139(SS), 142(SS), 149(CE), 156(FD) 45(SS), 68(SS), 171(SS)