Table 1 Overview of all Neo-mAbs generated in this work for the detection of catalytically active BoNT.

From: Functional detection of botulinum neurotoxin serotypes A to F by monoclonal neoepitope-specific antibodies and suspension array technology

Serotype Antibodya Isotype Specificityb Endopep-ELISAc
BoNT/A SNAP/A/291 IgG1 N +++
SNAP/A/305 IgG1 N +++
BoNT/B VAMP/B/1148 IgG1 N +++
VAMP/B/226 IgG1 N +++
VAMP/B/151 IgG2b C +
VAMP/B/392 IgG1 C
VAMP/B/726 IgG3 C
BoNT/C SNAP/C/2207 IgG1 C
SNAP/C/5593 IgG2a N +++
SNAP/C/1844 IgG2a N
SNAP/C/3280 IgG2b N
BoNT/D VAMP/D/27 IgG2b C +++
VAMP/D/29 IgG2b C ++
BoNT/E SNAP/E/1466 IgG1 C
SNAP/E/217 IgG1 N +
BoNT/F VAMP/F/440 IgG2a C +++
VAMP/F/153 IgG1 N
VAMP/F/521 IgG1 N +++
VAMP/F/425 IgG1 N +++
VAMP/F/1333 IgG1 N +++
  1. aAntibodies depicted bold were selected for implementation into the functional Luminex suspension array.
  2. bSpecificity of Neo-mAbs towards N- or C-terminal fragment generated after cleavage by indicated BoNT. cEC50 in Endopep-ELISA: + + + = < 0.1 ng/ml; + + = < 1 ng/ml; + = < 10 ng/ml; −  = signal too weak for detection.