Table 1 List of the games included in the ENGAGE programme.

From: Randomized Controlled Trial comparing the effectiveness of structured-play (ENGAGE) and behavior management (TRIPLE P) in reducing problem behaviors in preschoolers

Behavioural Self-Regulation Musical Statues Move around while music is playing. Freeze when the music stops
Animal Speeds Regulate the speed of your activity between small, moderate, and fast speeds
Skipping Regulate the speed at which skipping occurs
Ball and Spoon Race Hold a spoon with a ball on it and move from one place to another at varying speeds
Simon Says Repeat an action if Simon says to do “this” but do not repeat an action when Simon says do “that”
Snap Card game where if identical cards are placed down in a sequence, you place your hand on the cards and say “Snap”
Hop Scotch Aim a token for the correct number in the sequence and hop to that number
Drawing Improve fine motor control through drawing
Leap Frog Remain still while other jump over you and wait until it is your turn to jump over others
Cognitive Self-Regulation Copy Me Watch a sequence. Then repeat the sequence from memory
Object Copy Observe and structure being built. Re-create the structure from memory
Ball Games Various games that involve having to focus on the ball and catch it
Puzzles Complete puzzles
Cups Memory Remember which cups have been picked up and the token underneath removed
Card Memory Remember where the matching card is and turn over 2 matching cards to collect a pair
Beading Thread beads either from memory of a sequence or according to various changing rules
Tracking Memory Watch cups being moved around on a table and afterward identify which one has the token under it
List Memory Remember a list that is continually being added to
Sorting Sort various materials according to different rules
Emotional Self-Regulation Relaxation Various exercises involving tension and relaxation of muscles
Deep Breathing Learn to breathe in by filling your stomach with air (like a balloon) and then breath out slowly
Yoga Basic yoga exercises to encourage controlled relaxation