Table 1 Effect of hepatic macrophage depletion on the therapeutic potential of the transplanted human mesenchymal stem cells among all cases of mild fibrosis and cirrhosis groups in comparison to the corresponding groups without transplantation regarding the differentiation into hepatic cells expressing human albumin & α smooth muscle actin (αSMA), and the reduction of fibrosis with concomitant changes in the level of expression of mouse transforming growth factor b1 (TGFb1), mouse hepatocyte growth factor (HGF) and mouse stromal derived factor 1(SDF1).

From: Liver Macrophage Depletion Ameliorates The Effect of Mesenchymal Stem Cell Transplantation in a Murine Model of Injured Liver

Parameter Mild fibrosis without transplantation Mild fibrosis depleted transplanted Mild fibrosis nondepleted transplanted P value Cirrhosis without transplantation Cirrhosis depleted transplanted Cirrhosis nondepleted transplanted P value
TGFb1 3.67 (a) 0.15 (b) 0.48 (c) <0.001 2.11 (a) 1.51 (a) 1.40 (a) 0.400
HGF 0.91 (a) 0.56 (a) 0.56 (a) 0.600 0.90 (a) 1.33 (b) 1.49 (c) 0.020*
SDF1 0.53 (a) 0.56 (a) 0.98 (a) 0.500 0.90 (a) 1.90 (b) 1.31 (c) 0.001*
Fibrotic area % 7.20 (a) 2.80 (b) 3.70 (a)   10.60 (a) 2.15 (b) 3.48 (a)  
αSMA NA 35.50 (a) 26.50 (b) 0.016* NA 38 (a) 16.50 (b) 0.005*
Albumin NA 10.60 (a) 5.70 (b) 0.004* NA 17 (a) 7.95 (b) 0.006*
  1. Values are given as the median, unless otherwise indicated.
  2. *A P value < 0.05 was considered statistically significant.
  3. Groups sharing same letter were not significantly different.
  4. Depleted means groups subjected to hepatic macrophage depletion, nondepleted means groups not subjected to hepatic macrophage depletion, NA: Not applicable.