Table 4 Differentially expressed genes with sequence similarity to genes significantly upregulated in pretreatment in Pv11 cells.

From: Transcriptome analysis of the anhydrobiotic cell line Pv11 infers the mechanism of desiccation tolerance and recovery

Gene Name Pv Gene ID Pv11 P. vanderplanki P. nubifer
Pretreatment Dehydration Rehydration Dehydration Rehydration Dehydration
NMD Pv.03555 T0vsT48 T0vsD8, T0vsD10d D48vsR3 NA
GST Pv.06995 T0vsT48 NA
UGT Pv.11397 T0vsT48 NA
Carboxylesterase Pv.04950 T0vsT48 T0vsD10d D48vsR24, R3vsR24 NA
ATP-dependent RNA helicase Pv.08737 T0vsT48 T0vsD10d NA
DEAD box ATP-dependent RNA helicase Pv.12163 T0vsT48 T0vsD8, T0vsD10d NA
  1. The column contents are the same as in Table 2. NA, sequence similarity not detected (BLASTN E-value < 1.0E-15); NMD, nonsense-mediated mRNA decay protein; GST, glutathione S-transferase; UGT, UDP-glucuronosyltransferase.