Table 3 Average cost of materials for the dental restorative procedure for both methods of removing carious tissue.

From: Costs and benefits of Papacarie in pediatric dentistry: a randomized clinical trial

Dental materials Restauration cost ($)
Papacarie (syringe 1 mL) 0.24
Drill bit (unit) 0.31*
Restorative material (GIC) 0.67
Drill bit 0.15
Instrumental 0.31
Anesthesia 0.59§
Papacarie® 0.91
Drill without anesthesia 1.58
Drill with anesthesia 2.17
Drill + Papacarie® 1.37
  1. GIC: Glass ionomer cement. *Unit value/10 restorations; §carpule anesthesia – unit value/1000 restorations.