Table 6 Clinical trials for therapies potentially promoting remyelination with trial information and NCT (if available).

From: Remyelination promoting therapies in multiple sclerosis animal models: a systematic review and meta-analysis

Phase Count Trial information NCT (if available)
1 4   
Olesoxime Add-on therapy for Interferon β1 NCT01808885
Serum-derived human monoclonal IgM22 NCT01803867
Thymosin beta4 planned according to RegeneRX
Triiodothyronine For RRMS, SPMS, and PPMS NCT02506751, NCT02760056
2 10   
Anti-Lingo-1 antibody Add-on therapy for Interferon β1 NCT01864148
Electromagnetic field stimulation63   
Erythropoietin PPMS or SPMS NCT01144117
Melatonin RRMS NCT01279876
Quetiapine For RRMS and SPMS NCT02087631
Testosteron For male patients NCT00405353
Vitamin E Combined with Selenium NCT00010842
Ebselen Combined with Vitamin E NCT00010842
3 3   
Laquinimod For RRMS NCT01047319
Minocycline For clinically isolated syndrome NCT00666887
Progesterone To prevent postpartum relapses NCT00127075
4 8   
Fingolimod FDA-approved for RRMS  
Fumaric acid ester FDA-approved for RRMS  
Glatiramer acetate FDA-approved for RRMS  
Methotrexat FDA-approved for RRMS  
Methylprednisolone FDA-approved for RRMS  
Omega-3 poly unsaturated fatty acid (PUFA) diet For RRMS NCT01842191
Simvastatin Add-on therapy for Interferon β1 (and phase 3 for SPMS) NCT00492765
Vitamin D Add-on therapy for Interferon β1 NCT01005095
Total 25 (30% of the 84 different therapies from our screening)   
  1. Abbreviations: MS, multiple sclerosis; PP, primary progressive; SP, secondary progressive; RR, relapsing remitting.