Table 1 Comparison among the flowers of pioneer Core Eudicots in the mid-Cretaceous (Albian-Cenomanian).

From: The Core Eudicot Boom Registered in Myanmar Amber

  Symmetry Gender Sepal Petal Stamen Filament Pollen sac Pollen grain Floral cup Ovary Placentation Carpel Style Preservation media Locality Reference
Lijinganthus revoluta actinomorphic bisexual 5, free 5, free, revolute 8(10?), dorsifixed, introse slender 2 tricolpate None superior axile 3, fused   amber Burma This study
Dakotanthus cordiformis actinomorphic bisexual 5, free 5, free, spatulate 10?, dorsifixed stout 4 tricolporate   superior axile 5, fused   siltstone USA Manchester et al.27
Lachnociona terriae actinomorphic unisexual 5, free none 10 slender    present superi, half-inferior   5, fused or not connivent Amber Burma Poinar et al.19
Tropidogyne pentaptera actinomorphic bisexual 5, slightly fused 0 5? dorsifixed short, slender    present inferior   2, fused 2 amber Burma Poinar et al.28
Eoȅpigynia burmensis actinomorphic bisexual 4, fused 4, free, valvate 4, dorsifixed, introse slender ? tricolporate? present inferior ? fused   amber Burma Poinar et al.18
Caliciflora mauldinensis actinomorphic Bisexual 5, free, revolute-valvate 5, free, keeled-conduplic-ate 8, dorsifixed short or none 4 tricolporate present superior marginal? 3, free   siltstone USA Friis et al.26