Table 1 Mutations identified through whole genome sequencinga.

From: Access to high-impact mutations constrains the evolution of antibiotic resistance in soft agar

Antibioticb Resistance-linked mutations Mutations with unknown effect
Ampicillin AcrB F628L Aas D649G
AcrR G28R ElfG D140fsc
AcrR C205T WcaJ M375fsc
EnvZ T250M  
FtsI V545Ic  
MarR L46F, C108T  
Gentamicin CpxA A97T HofM T133A
DinF W455R MalF Q115*
FusA A592V, A608V RfaH D106D
SbmA D33fs  
YbhS L216P  
Polymyxin B AcrB G861E Aas D649G
ArnC A192V AsmA R86C, E524fs
BamA Q441R, D447G HofM T133A
BasR G53E MalF Q115*
BasS L14P MalI T207A
Gmd F21L, T27C RfaH D106D
LptD G701R YfiM A106H
LpxC G106S  
  1. aFor a full list see Table S7.
  2. bStrains were collected following passage through the same 5x SAGE plate but different 25x plates.
  3. cMutation found in both lineages.