Table 2 Summary of HGD65 detection and quantification performance.

From: A handheld platform for target protein detection and quantification using disposable nanopore strips

Performance Criteria Buffer Only Spiked Saliva (10%) Spiked Serum (10%)
Detection Range 0.39–75 mg/liter 0.4–20 mg/liter 5.25–111 mg/liter
quantification Range* 0.75–30 mg/liter 0.4–2 mg/liter 10–21 mg/liter
Precision* mean CV = 16% mean CV = 32% n/a
Trueness* mean |PE| = 12% mean |PE| = 7% n/a
  1. The qualitative (detection) ranges listed are concentrations at incubation. Nanopore groupings: buffer only, P7-P15 and P27-P28; saliva, P21-P26; serum, P18-P20. 1 nM = 0.15 mg/liter for 150 kDa Ab.
  2. *Quantitative ranges listed are concentrations at incubation and correspond to the combined estimates reported in Table 1 and plotted in Fig. 5. Nanopore groupings: buffer only, P7-P15; saliva, P21-P26; serum, P18 alone. Mean coefficient of variation (CV) and mean absolute value of percent error (|PE|) are across the corresponding subgroups (P18: CV, PE not available (n/a) without replicates).