Table 1 Effective diffusion coefficients (Deff in μm2/s) Diffusion of vesicles is strongly affected by blebbistatin, which decreases Deff by a factor of ~10–40 depending on substrate stiffness. In control cells, as well as cyto-D and colchicine treated, diffusion is not strongly affected.

From: Small-scale displacement fluctuations of vesicles in fibroblasts

Substrate Stiffness Control (μm2/s) Blebbistatin (μm2/s) Cyto-D (μm2/s) Colchicine (μm2/s)
10 kPa 1.80E-3 4.34E-5 8.12E-4 1.49E-3
40 kPa 1.90E-3 2.10E-4 8.69E-4 1.44E-3
Glass 1.54E-3 2.02E-4 7.37E-4 1.58E-3