Table 1 Structural bone parameters calculated from µCT data, with abbreviations, base units and definitions.

From: Iterative and discrete reconstruction in the evaluation of the rabbit model of osteoarthritis

Parameter   Unit Definition
Subchondral bone plate
Plate thickness (Pl.Th) µm Average thickness of the subchondral bone plate
Trabecular bone
Bone volume fraction (BV/TV) % Number of pixels classified as bone divided by total amount of pixels
Trabecular thickness (Tb.Th) µm Mean thickness of trabeculae
Trabecular separation (Tb.S) µm Mean thickness of the spaces between trabeculae
Trabecular number (Tb.N) mm−1 Linear density of trabeculae, i.e. amount of trabeculae per unit length
Ellipsoid factor (EF) (a.u.) Measures the anisotropy in the data by determining how prolate (rod-like) or oblate (plate-like) the trabeculae are in the sample. Negative EF values correspond to prolate and positive values to oblate dominancy in the geometry.