Table1 Leukocytes origin and preparation of extracts1.

From: Rapid recombinant protein expression in cell-free extracts from human blood

Donor information Purchased date
May 11, 2017 October 10, 2017
Blood Type O+ B+
Age 21 24
Sex Male Male
BMI 25.4 26.7
Tobacco Use No No
Race Non-Hispanic White White
Medication Use No No
Viral Status2 Negative Negative
Total Cell Count3 0.3 × 1010 Cells 0.5 × 1010 Cells
Preparation of leukocyte extract
Total Protein concentration (after lysis)4 20.4 µg/µL 47.1 µg/µL
Expression time (h) and model proteins tested and validated 2 h (Nluc)
4 h (Nluc)
6 h (Nluc)
25 h (Nluc and G-CSF-Nluc)
16 h (Nluc and G-CSF)
2 h (Nluc, G-CSF, EPO)
Reactivity Reporter assay (Nluc)
Reporter assay (Nluc)
Yields ~650 RLU (Nluc)
~2.0 ng/ml (G-CSF by ELISA)
~6800 RLU (Nluc)
~3.7 ng/ml (G-CSF by ELISA)
~47 mIU/ml (EPO by ELISA)
  1. 1Leukopak was purchased from AllCells, USA.
  2. 2Tested for HIV, HBV, HCV, and CMV.
  3. 3Total cell count includes all the cell types present in the blood.
  4. 4Protein estimation was analyzed using 660 protein assay from Thermo Fischer Scientific, Rockford, IL, USA.