Table 1 Summary of all conditions used to prepare siRNA and their subsequent effect upon siRNA uptake efficiency in 3D culture.

From: Optimized delivery of siRNA into 3D tumor spheroid cultures in situ

siRNA complexes formed in: Matrigel penetration Organoid uptake
Opti-MEM + Lipofectamine RNAiMAX
Opti-MEM + Lipofectamine 2000
Opti-MEM formed siRNA into well containing 10% serum
10% serum formed siRNA into well containing Opti-MEM
10% serum
1% serum
0.1% serum
10% BSA
1% BSA
0.1% BSA
DMEM only
3D organoid medium
10% dialyzed serum
1% dialyzed serum
0.1% dialyzed serum