Table 1 Samples from flowing and dry acidic, ferric sulfate-rich streams. XRD data from47.

From: The Fate of Lipid Biosignatures in a Mars-Analogue Sulfur Stream

Sample Code Mineralogy (wt %) or Biomass type cm from W bank
Flowing stream
Acidophilic algae FlowAL Algae  
Bank sediment (W) FlowBS1a Grass 0
  FlowBS1b Q:69,G:0,J:1,I:21,K:8,M:1  
  FlowBS2a Wood 30
  FlowBS2b Q:64,G:0,J:8,I:12,K:15,M:1  
Matt over goethite FlowMG1a Q:64,G:26,J:0,I:0,K:0,M:0 85
  FlowMG1b Q:23,G:72,J:5,I:0,K:0,M:0  
  FlowMG1c Q:89,G:0,J:5,I:0,K:4,M:2  
  FlowMG2a Q:40,G:59,J:0,I:0,K:1,M:0 150
  FlowMG2b Q:53,G:47,J:0,I:0,K:0,M:0  
  FlowMG2c Q:89,G:0,J:7,I:0,K:3,M:1  
Wood over goethite FlowWG1a Wood 190
  FlowWG1b Q:55,G:45,J:0,I:0,K:0,M:0  
  FlowWG1c Q:80,G:0,J:0,I:13,K:7,M:0  
  FlowWG1d Q:96,G:0,J:7,I:0,K:0,M:4  
Matt over jarosite FlowMJ1a Q:56,G:19,J:2,I:18,K:4,M:1 225
  FlowMJ1b Q:99,G:0,J:0,I:0,K:0,M:1  
  FlowMJ1c Q:73,G:0,J:26,I:0,K:0,M:1  
Wood over jarosite FlowWJ1a Wood 260
  FlowWJ1b Q:65,G:0,J:27,I:0,K:8,M:0  
  FlowWJ1c Q:63,G:0,J:28,I:0,K:9,M:0  
Bank sediment (E) FlowBS3a Q:81,G:0,J:2,I:9,K:7,M:1 325
  FlowBS3b Wood  
  FlowBS3c Q:79,G:0,J:1,I:10,K:9,M:1  
  FlowBS3d Q:58,G:0,J:41,I:0,K:0,M:1  
  FlowBS3e Q:72,G:0,J:1,I:15,K:11,M:1  
Quartz sand FlowQ1 Q:87,G:0,J:1,I:7,K:4,M:1 380
Dry stream DryMJ1a Q:87,G:18,J:6,I:25,K:11,M:0  
  DryMJ1b Q:43,G:38,J:19,I:0,K:0,M:0  
  DryMJ1c Q:23,G:72,J:5,I:0,K:0,M:0  
  DryMJ1d Q:32,G:56,J:12,I:0,K:0,M:0