Table 2 Interactions preceding the bite adapted from Reisner et al.24.

From: Online videos indicate human and dog behaviour preceding dog bites and the context in which bites occur

Context labels Definition
Resources Manipulating with dog’s food, treats, bones, or toys
Benign Petting, kissing, bending over or reaching above, hugging, reaching towards, speaking to or walking by or with a dog
Resting Interacting with a dog whilst the dog is resting, including removing from furniture and laying besides a dog
Unpleasant Shouting, pulling on a collar, restraining, grooming, drying with a towel, lifting, nail clipping, throwing an object at a dog and missing
Painful Hitting, stepping or falling onto a dog, throwing and object at a dog without a miss, pulling hair, jerking on the lead/collar
Territorial Bites that occur within what a dog may perceive as their territory (e.g. a yard, by the fence, garden etc.)
Public space Bites that occur outdoors, in an area that is unlikely to be dog’s territory (e.g. in the park or on the street)
Play Interactions when dog is showing a playful body language, i.e. loose body, play bows, jerky and exaggerated movement.