Table 1 Variables describing dog, victim, context and bite characteristics.

From: Online videos indicate human and dog behaviour preceding dog bites and the context in which bites occur

Variable Categories
Dog size Small- dogs that appear shorter than 30 cm at withers Medium- dogs between 30 and 45 cm at withers Big- dogs that appear above 45 cm at withers
Dog breed A range of breeds were identified. When it was impossible to reasonably determine a breed, a dog was classed as a crossbreed. Breeds were identified with reference to the UK Kennel Club Breed Information Centre41
Victim’s age Infant– based on visual characteristics, a young child that does not yet appear to be fully stable when walking, a child that is crawling or using elements of the environment when walking or standing up Child/teenager– a child that is fully comfortable walking but does not appear to be fully mature Adult– a mature person
Victim’s sex Male Female
Site of the bite Limbs Head or face Other– e.g. torso Multiple
Severity of the bite Total score
Initiator of interaction Dog Victim NA- not possible to discern
Handler’s sex Male Female NA– not visible or not present
Location Indoor Outdoor