Table 1 Reported values of global and regional occurrences of sandy shorelines and percentages of chronic erosion and accretion.

From: The State of the World’s Beaches

Region Parameter References Method used Reported values Derived values
Global Percentage of sandy shoreline Bird12 Interviews 20% 31%
Bird4 Not stated 30%  
Inman & Nordstorm23 Not stated 11%  
Hardisty54 Not stated 34%  
Van Rijn8 Not stated 10–15%  
Bascom9 Not stated 75%  
Brown55 Not stated 67%  
Durgappa56 Not stated 20%  
Bird38 Not stated 40%  
Hinkel et al.3 Not stated 11%  
Percentage of eroding sandy shoreline Bird12 Interviews Accretion 10% 27%
Interviews Stable 20% 49%
Interviews Erosion (<−0.5 m/yr) 70% 24%
n.a. Intense erosion 16%
n.a. Severe erosion 7%
n.a. Extreme erosion 4%
Europe Percentage of sandy shoreline (sandy shoreline length) Eurosion10 Aerial photos & surveys 40% (40,000 km) 23% (31,000 km)
Percentage of eroding sandy shoreline Eurosion10 Aerial photos & surveys 27% (excluding uplift of Finland and Sweden) 28%
USA Percentage of sandy shoreline Short43 Not stated 33% 30%
Percentage of eroding sandy shoreline (Atlantic and Gulf coast only) Heinz Center44 Aerial photos 80–90% 52%
Australia Percentage of sandy shoreline Woodroffe et al.57 Short incl. Tasmania Not stated 43–49% 52%
Percentage of eroding sandy shoreline No source found n.a. Not reported 25%