Table 3 The top 15 categories from gene ontology analysis performed on the top 2000 differentially expressed transcripts using the Panther database’s statistical over representation test with Bonferroni correction (

From: Identifying microRNA determinants of human myelopoiesis

GO biological process complete Fold enrichment p-value
Progenitors vs. Monocytes
regulation of mast cell activation (GO:0033003) 3.98 4.22E-02
regulation of myeloid leukocyte mediated immunity (GO:0002886) 3.98 4.22E-02
regulation of B cell proliferation (GO:0030888) 3.48 2.19E-02
regulation of alpha-beta T cell activation (GO:0046634) 3.30 5.91E-03
toll-like receptor signaling pathway (GO:0002224) 3.00 1.84E-02
purine ribonucleoside biosynthetic process (GO:0046129) 2.95 1.56E-02
purine nucleoside biosynthetic process (GO:0042451) 2.95 1.56E-02
nucleoside biosynthetic process (GO:0009163) 2.94 5.12E-04
pattern recognition receptor signaling pathway (GO:0002221) 2.92 2.17E-03
glycosyl compound biosynthetic process (GO:1901659) 2.89 7.45E-04
purine nucleotide biosynthetic process (GO:0006164) 2.89 2.12E-04
positive regulation of lymphocyte proliferation (GO:0050671) 2.88 1.48E-04
positive regulation of mononuclear cell proliferation (GO:0032946) 2.84 2.14E-04
ribonucleoside biosynthetic process (GO:0042455) 2.82 6.51E-03
positive regulation of leukocyte proliferation (GO:0070665) 2.81 1.79E-04
Progenitors vs. Granulocytes
maturation of LSU-rRNA (GO:0000470) 6.41 2.42E-04
neutrophil activation (GO:0042119) 5.87 3.73E-02
granulocyte activation (GO:0036230) 5.82 1.51E-02
ribosomal large subunit biogenesis (GO:0042273) 3.88 3.31E-04
SRP-dependent cotranslational protein targeting to membrane (GO:0006614) 3.34 2.03E-04
myeloid leukocyte activation (GO:0002274) 3.32 4.57E-05
viral gene expression (GO:0019080) 3.14 2.57E-05
cotranslational protein targeting to membrane (GO:0006613) 3.08 1.11E-03
protein targeting to ER (GO:0045047) 3.08 1.11E-03
rRNA metabolic process (GO:0016072) 3.03 5.71E-13
rRNA processing (GO:0006364) 3.03 1.45E-12
nuclear-transcribed mRNA catabolic process, nonsense-mediated decay (GO:0000184) 3.03 2.55E-04
mitochondrial translational elongation (GO:0070125) 3.02 2.71E-02
ribosome biogenesis (GO:0042254) 2.99 1.45E-15
translational termination (GO:0006415) 2.99 1.29E-02