Table 1 MicroRNAs that are differentially expressed by at least 2-fold between myeloid progenitors and corresponding monocytes and granulocytes.

From: Identifying microRNA determinants of human myelopoiesis

Increased in monocytes and granulocytes vs. progenitors Decreased in monocytes and granulocytes vs. progenitors
miR-223 let-7c miR-222
miR-328 miR-100 miR-296
miR-103 miR-10a miR-335
miR-140 miR-125a miR-372
let-7b miR-125b miR-486
miR-24 miR-126-5p miR-545
miR-197 miR-126-3p miR-92
miR-27a miR-127 miR-99a
miR-301 miR-130a  
miR-374 miR-135a  
miR-16 miR-146a  
miR-425-5p miR-146b  
miR-142-5p miR-155  
miR-484 miR-181d  
miR-26b miR-196a  
miR-15b miR-196b  
miR-191 miR-203  
miR-142-3p miR-20a  
miR-199a miR-20b  
Increased in monocytes only Decreased in monocytes only
miR-21 miR-15a miR-101  
miR-532 miR-362 miR-425  
miR-340 let-7g   
miR-660 miR-195   
miR-28 miR-342   
Increased in granulocytes only Decreased in granulocytes only
miR-145 miR-361 let-7d  
miR-148a miR-365 miR-152  
miR-192 miR-517c miR-17-5p  
miR-210   miR-18a  
miR-29a   miR-19a  
miR-30b   miR-19b  
miR-32   miR-320  
Increased in monocytes and decreased in granulocytes