Table 2 Summary of contig-based virus identification.

From: Mapping the virome in wild-caught Aedes aegypti from Cairns and Bangkok

Classification Virus or nearest match Host Genes Range of % acid identity amino
Known ISVs of Ae aegypti CAIRNS BANGKOK
Genus; Phlebovirus ssRNA(−) Phasi Charoen-like virus Ae aegypti Nucleocapsid, Glycoprotein, RdRp 97–98 54–100
Genus; Flavivirus ssRNA(+) Cell fusing agent virus Ae aegypti Polyprotein 99 98
Unclassified ssRNA(+) Humaita-Tubiacanga virus Ae aegypti Capsid Replicase 97–98 97–98
Unclassified dsRNA (possibly a Totivirus) Unnamed Ae aegypti Thailand PArp-RdRp, partial (Contig 5425) 95–98 91–99
Subfamily: Densovirinae ssDNA Aedes aegyti densovirus 2 Ae aegypti Non-structural protein 1 & capsid NI 98
Mosquito-associated viruses
Genus; Flavivirus Xishuangbanna flavivirus Ae albopictus RdRp Polyprotein 60 59–67
Genus: Orthomyxovirus ssRNA(−) Whidbey virus Aedes dorsalis PB1, PA, PB2 76–85 76–85
Unclassified. Order; Mononegavirales ssRNA(−) Xincheng mosquito Virus Anopheles sinensis Glycoprotein 37–59 34–39
Family; Bunyaviridae Phasmavirus like. ssRNA(−) Wuhan mosquito virus 2 Culex, Anopheles, Aedes sp Glycoprotein precursor 34–44 42
Family Rhabdoviridae ssRNA(−) Tongilchonvirus 1 Culex, Anopheles, Aedes sp Glycoprotein precursor NI 57
Unclassified; Rhabdoviridae ssRNA(−) Wuhan mosquito virus 9 Culex, Aedes sp Glycoprotein ORF1 28–37 30–37
Genus; Totivirus dsRNA Anopheles totivirus Anopheles gambiae RdRp Putative capsid 27–45 28–45
Unclassified Kaiowa virus Brazilian mosquitoes Putative glycoprotein 75 73
Unclassified Hubei toti-like virus10 Mosquito Hypothetical protein 1 39–46 Reads map
Unclassified dsRNA virus environmental sample Ochlero-tatus sierrensis Proline-alanine-rich protein 37 NI
Oribivirus Unnamed Ochlerotatus caspius & detritus RdRp AGW51764.1 87 NI
Unclassified virus Croada virus Psorophora pools Putative glycoprotein Reads map 73
Unclassified RNA virus Wenzhou sobemo-like virus 4 Mosquito Hypothetical protein NI 68
Unclassified virus Hubei mosquito virus 2 Mosquito Hypothetical protein NI 84
Family; Chuviridae ssRNA(−) Chuvirus Mos8Chu0 Culiseta minnesotae Putative nucleoprotein Reads map 48
Other insect-associated viruses
Unclassified Blackford virus D. tristis Putative polyprotein 44–48 45–47
Unclassified RNA virus Hubei tombus-like virus 40 Coleoptera Hypothetical proteins 51 NI
Unclassified Diaphorina citri associated C virus Psyllid RdRp 34 NI
Family: Rhabdoviridae ssRNA(−) Wuhan ant virus Camponotus japonicus RdRp 32–53 NI
Family; Baculoviridae dsDNA Autographa californica nucleo-polyhedrovirus Spodoptera frugiperda ORF B, AcOrf-4 & AcOrf-5 peptides 69 56–100
Unclassified Chaq virus Pachypsylla psyllid Orf1 NI 38–59
Unclassified RNA Hubei virga-like virus 12 Dipteria Hypothetical protein NI 31
Unclassified RNA viruses Beihai barnacle virus 12 Barnacle RdRp NI 44
Plant viruses
Unclassified phlebovirus-like Citrus concave gum-associated virus Citrus sinensis RdRp 45 NI
Genus: Closterovirus Carrot closterovirus Carrot ORF2 36 NI
Phenuiviridae ssRNA(−) Watermelon crinkle leaf-associated virus 2 Citrullus lanatus Nucleocapsid Polymerase 35–49 NI
Genus Tobamovirus ssRNA(+) Cucumber fruit mottle mosaic virus Cucumber Unnamed protein NI 28
  1. Contigs were assembled from reads obtained from sequencing Cairns and Bangkok Ae. aegypti and were used for virus identification using the NCBI protein database. The range of percentage amino acid identities for one or more contigs is shown. Underlining (first column) highlights viruses or nearest relatives (italics), which appear to be unique to Cairns or Bangkok mosquitoes. Grey shading (NI - Not Identified) indicates where no contigs or reads matching the contig for the indicated virus were identified. “Reads map” indicates where no contigs were assembled, but reads from Cairns did map to the contig assembled from the Bangkok data or vice verse. The full data set, including contig information and references, is shown in Tables S2a and S2b.