Table 4 Diagnosis and type of malignancy in patients with paraneoplastic rheumatic disease.

From: Malignancy dominated with rheumatic manifestations: A retrospective single-center analysis

Patient number Sex Malignancy diagnosis delay(months) Rheumatism diagnosis Type of malignancy Malignancy detection method
1 M 12 RA Renal Clear Cell Cancer Biopsy
2 F 3 AOSD Gastric antrum adenocarcinoma Biopsy
3 M 2 Vasculitis Metastatic adenocarcinoma Biopsy
4 M 24 PM Multiple myeloma Bone arrow morphology
5 F 0 RA Peripheral T-cell lymphoma Biopsy
6 F 12 RA Breast cancers CT scan
7 F 1 RA Peripheral T-cell lymphoma Biopsy
8 M 4 Vasculitis Lung adenocarcinoma Percutaneous lung puncture biopsy
9 M 2 PAN Liver cancer CT scan
10 M 3 GPA Lung adenocarcinoma Sputum cytology
11 M 24 RA Ascending colon carcinoma Biopsy
12 F 12 UCTD Breast cancers Biopsy
13 F 13 SLE Breast cancers Biopsy
14 F -2 SS NHL Biopsy
15 M 9 AS Lung squamous carcinoma Biopsy
16 F 13 SS NHL Biopsy
17 F 18 SS NHL(B-cell lymphoma) Biopsy
18 F 12 SS NHL Biopsy
19 M 1 RA Prostate Cancer MRI
20 M 3 PMR Prostate Cancer Biopsy
21 M 1 UCTD Peripheral T-cell lymphoma Biopsy
  1. RA, Rheumatoid arthritis. AOSD, adult-onset still’s diseases. PM, polymyositis. PAN, polyarteritis nodosa. GPA, granulomatosis with polyangitis. UCTD, undifferentiated connective tissue disease. SLE, systemic lupus erythematosus. SS, Sjogren’s syndrome. AS, Ankylosing spondylitis. PMR, polymyalgia rheumatica. NHL, Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. CT, Computed Tomography. MRI, Magnetic Resonance Imaging.