Table 4 RV coefficients from the multi factor analysis (MFA) calculated on standardized chemical variables and Hellinger-transformed matrices of micro-eukaryotes, nematodes and mites taken from soil samples collected beneath human remains found in a forest in the Swiss Plateau at a height of approx.400–450 m above sea level and in control samples from the same area. The lower left half matrix shows the RV coefficients (in bold) between pairs of matrices while the upper right half matrix (not bold) shows the significance of the corresponding coefficient. “MFA” row and column represent the RV coefficient and p-value between each group of variables and the global model.

From: Comparative analysis of bones, mites, soil chemistry, nematodes and soil micro-eukaryotes from a suspected homicide to estimate the post-mortem interval

RV coefficients chemical nematodes mites eukaryotes MFA
chemical components 0.0169 0.1297 0.0949 0.0020
nematodes 0.7741 0.0097 0.0075 0.0123
mites 0.5774 0.8755 0.0103 0.0851
eukaryotes 0.5938 0.8949 0.9446 0.0613
MFA 0.8036 0.9709 0.9329 0.9421